Andalusian landscape

Andalusian landscape on the Caminito del Rey

A view on the Caminito del Rey in Andalusia, Spain. It was once listed as one of the most dangerous walks in the world. The insistence of thrill-seekers defying laws, obstacles, security, and common-sense to walk the closed path caused a lot of problems — and deaths. The Spanish government eventually decided to redo the thing with safety in mind and open it to the public. It’s now safe to the point of silliness. The path was remade and they even make you wear a hard-hat to protect you from falling rocks. Whilst this is a bit goofy, there are beautiful views along the path including vistas of mountains, lakes, and canyons. You can see the crumbling remains of the old path in many spots. It all makes for a lovely walk. Entrances are timed, ticketed, and popular so book in advance online.

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