Kylemore burial ground, Valentia Island

Kylemore burial ground, Valentia Island

The view from Kylemore burial grounds on Valentia Island, Ireland. Ireland is such a beautiful country and Valentia Island is a lovely spot. The name sounds very much like the Spanish city of Valencia, but it’s spelled different. Wikipedia has an interesting but unsourced comment on this:

The English name Valentia Island (also spelled Valencia Island) doesn’t come exactly from the Spanish city of Valencia, but from a settlement on the island called An Bhaile Inse or Beal Inse (“mouth of the island” or “island in the mouth of the sound”), which in turn could have been reinterpreted as similar to the Spanish town by Englishmen and Spaniards sailors and settlers alike (there is a grave marker to Spanish sailors lost at sea in the Catholic cemetery at Kylemore).[1]

The island is a gorgeous but fairly remote location, requiring a car for access. The people there are as friendly as in all of Ireland. I had people trimming their lawn who stopped to talk to me, offer directions, and just chat about the island. It’s a very charming place but take care of it if you go!


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