Saint Bartholomew Flayed by Marco d'Agrate

Saint Bartholomew Flayed by Marco d’Agrate

Saint Bartholomew Flayed (1562), by Marco d’Agrate. When I first saw this sculpture in the Milan Cathedral I thought it was kinda cool. As I looked at it I noticed it was anatomical and thought perhaps it was a statute referring to some scientific achievement. Instead it’s a saint who was flayed alive. Apparently one the apostles none-the-less. The robe he’s wearing is his skin that was removed. Yes, he’s wearing his skin as a robe. Now it all seems a bit dark and morbid. The sculpture is still well done and quite eye-catching. Marco was apparently very proud of his work and, according to Wikipedia, signed it: ‘I was not made by Praxiteles but by Marco d’Agrate.[1]


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